PayFabric ® is a cloud-based payment processing platform and storage hub that can be integrated with any application, system, and back office environment with ease and simplicity.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Take payments and connect data across all your platforms, websites and applications using a centralized hosted solution.

Secure Data in the Cloud

Remove sensitive payment data from your local environment and simplify PCI compliance.

Integrate with Ease

Use our RESTful API with easy documentation and sample codes for Rapid Payment Application Development.


PayFabric provides a complete payment processing solution for Merchants with valuable benefits for your business:

  • Minimize Risk & Liability
  • Reduce IT Demands
  • Enhance Business Continuity
  • Simplify PCI Compliance
  • Centralize Payment Data


PayFabric provides Developers with a powerful, yet simple solution to accept payments from anywhere:

  • Connect Payments and Share Data Across Platforms
  • Accelerate Coding and Development
  • Customize for Seamless User Experience
  • Reduce PCI Compliance Challenges
  • Cultivate Growth and Scale Easily